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  • What is Genie?
    “Genie” – Artificial Intelligence assistant, screening unwanted or suspicious communications to let you know who is contacting you and why.
  • How does Genie work?
    Genie uses artificial intelligence technology to screen unknown/suspicious callers. He blocks bad callers, passes your contacts and good callers straight through to you, and empowers you to decide when Genie is not completely sure. Here is a video demonstration to show how Genie works:
  • How do I train my Genie's artificial intelligence?
    You can train your Genie to only let the calls you want through by using the in-app call log. There, you can decide if callers should be allowed through (use the three way toggle to either allow or block them) - Genie will learn overtime, based on your decisions, which kind of calls you want to block and which to allow. Here is a video tutorial of how to use the Genie call log:
  • How much does Genie cost?
    We offer 3 Genie subscription plans based on your needs. You also have the option of paying either monthly or annually (Save 17%): Monthly Subscription Plans: 1. Genie - $7.49 / month (includes 10 Genie screened calls per day on 1 mobile device) 2. Genie Plus - $9.99 / month (includes 30 Genie screened calls per day on up to 2 mobile devices) 3. Genie Premium - $19.99 / month (includes unlimited Genie screened calls per day on up to 2 mobile devices) Annually Subscription Plans (Save 17%): 1. Genie - $6.24 / month ($74.99 billed annually) (includes 10 Genie screened calls per day on 1 mobile device) 2. Genie Plus - $8.33 / month ($99.99 billed annually) (includes 30 Genie screened calls per day on up to 2 mobile devices) 3. Genie Premium - $16.66 / month ($199.99 billed annually) (includes unlimited Genie screened calls per day on up to 2 mobile devices)
  • How do I block or unblock a caller?
    You can block or unblock any caller by using the in-app call log - use the three way toggle to either allow, block, or let Genie decide if they should be let through. Here is a video tutorial of how to use the Genie call log:
  • How can I share Genie with a friend or relative?
    Head to the profile section of your Genie app, press 'protect a friend' and then you can send a text message invitation with a personal note and link to install Genie. Here is a tutorial on how to use your Genie profile:
  • How do I contact Genie support?
    You can reach us by... Phone: 415-539-0300 E-mail:, Contact us here on our website:
  • Who's behind the company and its Genie product?
    Gilad Parann and Jason Wolf are both serial technology entrepreneurs, who have spent over 20 years in Israel and the US building successful technology companies. With Genie their mission is to protect people from scammers and harassing telemarketers.
  • How do I know you're a trustworthy company?
    How do I know you're a trustworthy company? What a wonderful question! To us, trustworthiness is something you earn one delighted customer at a time. Gilad Parann-Nissany and Jason Wolf, the co-founders of Genie, are real people you can look up online and reach out to. Both have had long and successful careers in building technology that improves people's lives. Of course, don't just take our word for it - here is what our customers have to say about their experience with Genie:
  • How do you protect my data and privacy?
    We collect only the data absolutely necessary to improve the Genie's abilities to detect and block bad actors and actions. The data we do collect is encrypted end-to-end, and is stored only in the most secure cloud environments managed by the leading certified global companies.
  • How do you use my personal information?
    We are 100% focused on protecting your time and money, and your personal information is only used to 'train' Genie to be better at doing so. We don't, and will never, share or sell your personal information as that goes against our main reason-for-being in protecting you.
  • Is my mobile carrier (Telco) compatible with Genie?
    We'd love for everybody to experience the peace of mind that Genie provides screening unknown calls. Unfortunately, some carriers, do not support or they require additional payment for conditional call forwarding - the feature that Genie relies on to function properly, allowing all unknown calls to be forwarded to Genie for evaluation. Here are a list of mobile carriers that Genie is compatible with: Verizon Wireless T-Mobile US AT&T Mobility Cricket GCI Consumer Cellular Assurance Wireless Xfinity/Comcast Q Link Wireless Unfortunately, Genie is not currently compatible with the following carriers: Metro U.S. Cellular Boost Mobile Virgin Mobile (US prepaid) Ting What if my carrier wasn’t listed here? Unfortunately, if your carrier is not listed, it is unlikely to be compatible. You can email us at to inquire and see if we know more about your carrier. If you install Genie with a carrier not listed here, it may result in a disruption of incoming calls.
  • Will Genie work on my mobile device?
    Currently Genie is supported on Android devices running OS11 and up. If you want Genie on you iPhone, you are welcome to apply for our early access program click here:
  • How do I troubleshoot my Genie?
    For the rare occasion you run into an issue with Genie call screening, it could be that the connection between Genie and your mobile carrier has dropped. To fix this you can head to your profile section in the app (to the right of the Call Log) and click on the 'Reactivate' button (see image bellow). This initiates a call to your Carrier to re-establish the connection and will allow Genie to once again screen unknown calls for you!
  • How can I stop my Genie service?
    How can I deactivate and uninstall Genie? We are sorry to see you go... but we have made the uninstallation process very simple. Below you can find a video tutorial showing you how to find the profile and the steps to successfully deactivate and uninstall Genie.
  • Can I cancel my Genie subscription?
    You can cancel your Genie subscription anytime and your Genie service will automatically stop at the end of your billing period - Genie does not refund any previous billing periods.
  • What if I can't afford Genie Protection?
    We have had many people reach out to us needing Genie's protection, but who cannot afford to pay the monthly subscription. Thanks to the support of generous donors who recognize the value of Genie's protection, we are thrilled to offer a limited number of free Genie subscriptions to those who need it, but can't afford it. At Genie, our mission is to protect everyone from scams and spam. We believe that financial circumstances should never be a barrier to safety. We want to ensure that every individual, regardless of their budget, can experience the benefits of Genie's advanced protection. This opportunity is in high demand, and we expect the slots to fill up quickly. So, if you or someone you know needs Genie's protection but cannot afford it, we've made it simple to apply to this income qualifying program! How to Get Free Genie Protection: We kindly ask eligible individuals to complete the form provided in the below: Once you have submitted the form, you will gain access to the full range of Genie's features and gain complete protection against scam and spam calls for the entire year. (If your income circumstances change, we kindly request that you notify us and subscribe so that we can free up a slot for someone else in need)
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