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Customer Spotlight: How Genie stopped spam calls for Betty!

Betty L. - Genie User from Texas

“I love this Genie! I’ve never been happier with an app as I am with this.

I remember I had a personal injury from a fall and I had an attorney, and when I had to give my statement to the other person's insurance they wanted my phone number and my email.

Lo and behold I began getting emails and phone calls from that company trying to sell me products and offering me auto insurance. Before Genie I had to block them one by one, and now I leave that to Genie. One thing I absolutely love with Genie is that the number of times my phone rings in a day is completely reduced. I can clean up the phone, and I don't feel scared of getting a new phone anymore; and I answer my phone with no fear of hearing one of those spam calls.

Since I’ve had Genie I went from getting 10-20 spam calls a day to none. Genie does not let them through to me. That’s the best part, and later I can go back and see what they said as well as how many robocalls came to Genie. I enjoy having a relaxed life now. If the phone rings I know it’s really for me.

Thank you for making this happen for me.”

How Genie works:

Genie is your artificial intelligence assistant who evaluates all incoming calls, politely chats with them, and lets you know who's calling and why. Genie gives you the power to reclaim your phone by filtering out all scammers and harassing telemarketers.

1. Incoming calls from known contacts?

Genie doesn’t intervene, letting them straight through.

2. Incoming calls from known scammers or telemarketers?

Genie blocks them, so you don't get bothered.

3. Incoming calls from others? (e.g. your local delivery person, charity, or doctor)

Genie screens them, notifies you who’s calling and why, and allows you to decide who gets through.

Try our Genie for yourself

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