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Fed up with scam calls? Genie's here to help!

2021 hit another grim record for scam calls - averaging 425 million per week.

At Genie, we want to change that.

Genie is your artificial intelligence assistant who evaluates all incoming calls, politely chats with them, and lets you know who's calling and why. Genie gives you the power to reclaim your phone by filtering out all scammers and harassing telemarketers.

How Genie works:

1. Incoming calls from known contacts?

Genie doesn’t intervene, letting them straight through.

2. Incoming calls from known scammers or telemarketers?

Genie blocks them, so you don't get bothered.

3. Incoming calls from others? (e.g. your local delivery person, charity, or doctor)

Genie screens them, notifies you who’s calling and why, and allows you to decide who gets through.

Try our Genie for yourself:

If you're interested in becoming a Genie Early Access user, click here to apply.


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