Genie Webinar on How to Stop Scams

If you’re tired of hearing your phone ringing just to see it’s an unknown and suspicious number calling, you’re not alone. T-mobile reported that Scam call volume doubled in 2021: with an average of 2 billion calls per month and 425 million calls per week. With this record-breaking increase in scam calls this past year, we’ve frequently been asked how these scammers get our phone numbers in the first place and how the Anti-Scam Genie works to keep us protected?

Genie is here to help and answer these questions and many more.

Join Genie co-founder, Jason Wolf, for a webinar that will cover the latest scam trends and how Genie uses advanced AI to keep you protected.

Join Jason’s Genie Webinar to:

  • Learn about the record breaking increase of scams

  • Discover how Genie was built to combat scams

  • Witness a live demonstration of Genie

  • Hear a Genie owner’s personal experience

  • Understand the best things you can do to protect yourself

  • Uncover what’s in store for Genie in the future

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