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Scam Alert: Woman Shares Terrifying Experience of Elaborate Phone Scam on TikTok

Updated: Mar 10, 2023

We have all received those annoying scam calls from unknown numbers trying to sell us something or get access to our personal information. But what happens when the scammer is someone so close to you that you never suspect it's fake?

This is the terrifying situation that Beth (@bethroyce) found herself in, and she shared her story on TikTok to warn others.

According to Beth, she woke up one morning to an unexpected call from her sister. The contact and the face that popped up on her phone looked exactly like her sister was calling. However, once she picked up, a stranger's voice was on the other line, demanding that she not call anyone else, including the police, as he had her sister. The caller's demands left Beth shaken, and she ultimately sent him money.

Unlike other common phone scams that require people to send large amounts of money on various gift cards, Beth said this felt different. The scammer was demanding money to get home, claiming he had just been released from jail and wasn't a bad person. At one point, the man even started crying, and the woman in the background could be heard sobbing.

The call continued for about 15 minutes as Beth tried to calm the man down and make small talk. She was terrified that the man was going to hurt or kill her sister. Unbeknownst to the scammer, Beth wasn't home alone when he called, and her mother was able to call the police and her sister, ultimately revealing that the whole thing was a hoax.

Beth's story has gained over 4 million views on TikTok, and many people commiserated with her in the comments, sharing their own experiences with similar scams. One person shared that their family has a code word to confirm if there is a real emergency, while another said that as a 911 dispatcher, they see this happen a lot, and it's very scary.

This story serves as a reminder to always be vigilant when receiving unexpected calls, even from known contacts, and to never send money or give out personal information to anyone who asks for it over the phone. Stay safe, and stay aware.


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