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T-Mobile announces 425 million scam calls every week in 2021

As we wrap up 2021, Genie wanted to share something you may already be feeling, or rather hearing: 2021 hit another grim record for robo scam calls averaging 425 million attempts per week.

Genie’s 4 takeaways from T-mobile’s official call-scam report (T-mobile, 2021):

  1. Scam call volume doubled in 2021: with an average of 2 billion calls per month

  2. Scammers take the weekends off: T-mobile tracked scam likely calls throughout the year and noted an 80% drop in the calls on Saturdays and Sundays

  3. The Most common scam trend in 2021 was calls posing as legitimate businesses: “In terms of volume, the number one scam attempt in 2021 was related to fake vehicle warranties with over 51% of the Scam Likely volume.”

  4. Scam calls are more heavily targeted at specific states: “Texas, Florida, Arizona and Georgia had the highest volume of scam calls. The top metro area was Dallas/Fort Worth with the 214, 832, 210 and 817 area codes being the top four targeted in the country.”


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