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Top 5 Scams Genie Blocked this Month

Updated: May 15, 2022

Genie is your AI personal assistant answering unknown callers on your behalf. Genie speaks to the callers, determines who’s calling and why, and decides if they should be blocked or allowed through to you. Genie takes care of scammers, imposters, and pesky marketers, freeing your phone and protecting your time and money.

We are counting down the top 5 scam calls that Genie has blocked this month.

#5: Fake Bank and Insurance Calls

69 Genie Cases

Genie blocked many fake bank and insurance company calls each day in the month of april.

These scammers attempted to call Genie owners with offers of great riches from an insurance claim or a new fantastic bank that pays you the equivalent of your monthly salary if you switch.

Here is an example of a transcript that Genie recorded from one of these calls:

Hi, this is (name of fake bank) calling as we have important account related information to review with you. I am delivering this message about an important business matter we need to discuss. I need to hear from you immediately to resolve this business matter. Call me, thank you.

#4: Accessibility Equipment Calls

116 Genie Cases

Thanks to the way Genie learns from its users, a Genie owner that blocked an accessibility chair lift call helped Genie spot a sharp increase in such calls. These scam callers prey on the vulnerable, in order to convince them that their product will help, but when the product arrives they are often not the quality that they paid for and in some cases they might not come at all.

Oftentimes when reaching out afterwards to the “companies” to complain they reply that they will not offer a full refund.

For more information about product scams just like this one, you can read our full article on the 9 signs of product scams here:

#3: Disability Claims Calls

143 Genie Cases

Genie spotted an uptick this month in scammers trying to get personal information from people by pretending to help with applications for disability benefits and claims.

The FTC warns that “whether or not you’ve started an application for benefits — these scammers could contact you. They’re taking a shot in the dark, hoping that you have started an application, and hoping you’ll give them a little more info over the phone. To “complete the process,” they might ask you to give, or confirm, your Social Security number or bank account numbers” (FTC, 2022).

If scammers get your information, you could face identity theft and benefit theft.

Here is an example of a transcript that Genie recorded from one of these calls:

Hi, this is Christine calling again from National disability. I'm trying to reach you because of your interest in applying for mostly Social Security Disability Benefits. Please call me back as soon as possible and we can try to get started in your application for mostly disability money. It's important I am moving on this as quickly as possible. Again, my name is Christine from National disability, thanks and have a great day.

#2: Student Loan “Relief” Calls

379 Genie Cases

As many people fight an uphill battle with student loan debt, scammers have seen it as an opportunity and created a new scam that popped up on Genie’s radar: Fake Debt Relief Program.

Scammers promise to erase your debt by using a new found “loophole” or “policy” that ends in a few days, preying on the financially exhausted.

Here is an example of a transcript that Genie recorded from one of these calls:

Hello, my name is David with the department of economic impact with important Statewide updates for 2022 enrollment. You now have access to the economic impact student debt relief program being offered to you during this special enrollment. The Biden Administration has eliminated over $58 billion dollars in student loan debt and has now extended the enrollment. This is a great opportunity for you to significantly reduce or in most cases eliminate your student loan debt all together. However, the window for the special enrollment period can close at any time so please call our consumer direct line. This message has been marked complete on behalf of the department of economic impact.

#1: Tax Return Calls

405 Genie Cases

Unsurprisingly, with the tax deadline on April 18th, the most common scam that Genie identified this month was tax return calls. Scammers made over 405 calls posing as insurance company agents in hopes of stealing taxpayer money or personal information.

Here is an example of a transcript that Genie recorded from one of these calls:

Hey, how are you doing? This is Michelle. I've been trying to reach you regarding your past due balances and you're on file tax returns that I'm seeing in my system. I just want to make sure I can help you get all that tax return settled once and for all. I can get you in compliance with any past-due returns you may have. It's not a problem at all, just give me a call. I know it can be overwhelming and I just want to help take that burden off your back, so give me a call today we can do a free consultation over the phone really quick. I can get you pre-qualified. We have many programs that can help reduce or eliminate your tax debt and if you have any wage garnishments or Bank levies or tax liens. I'm going to be able to help you with that too so give me a call today. I look forward to your call, again My name is Michelle.


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