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Your Anti-Scam Genie

Genie is your digital personal assistant, instantly stopping the flood of scam and spam calls to make sure you only get the calls you want.

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"AI-Powered App That Achieved 99% Scam Blocking Accuracy"


3 million+

Calls screened

We have a really simple idea:

Relax when your phone rings

Genie blocks scammers and spammers automatically, and updates you with a convenient notification.

Meanwhile, you just carry on with whatever it is you're doing.

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When contacts call…

Nothing changes!
Genie doesn't intervene, letting them straight through as usual.

Hi Mom!

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…and if it's an unknown caller?

Genie talks to them, and let's you know who is calling and why.

Whether to pick up or not is up to you.

How Genie works

Genie's artificial intelligence (AI) can determine the intent of an incoming call, and uses that knowledge to protect you from anything harmful or disruptive.

All calls are recorded in the log, so you'll never miss a thing.

How Genie Works

Scam & Spam callers

Genie recognises spam and scam calls. When one of these calls reaches your phone, Genie simply stops them. 

Unknown callers

Not contacts but not necessarily nuisance calls. Genie talks to them and either blocks, or passes the call to you, along with their name and reason for calling.


When a contact calls, the call passes straight through to you as usual.

Does it work? Our users think so


Betty, from TX

I went from getting 20 spam calls a day to none immediately after installing Genie.

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Leslie, from GA

You've got your own personal assistant screening your calls for you, that's great!

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John, from PA

I am so appreciative of the silence now, and not having to field the scam and telemarking calls.


Ronna, from AL

I love Genie, best app I have ever used, and I have used others but NOTHING works like Genie.


Debbie, from SC 

Genie saves me from stopping what I'm doing to answer a suspicious call.

What People Say

What We Believe

We aim to empower people to live their lives to the fullest, free of the fear of scammers and bad-faith disturbances.

The goal is to extend Genie's protection until no one remains vulnerable to digital abuse, but owing to the cost of Genie's technology, we are currently unable to offer it for free.

If you want to help protect someone you can donate a Genie, and
we will match your donation two-for-one. To find out more – or to see if you are eligible for Genie's free protection – please see our donor program.

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Time for a little peace of mind

Genie protects you

Try Genie free for 7 days

No credit card needed for the trial and cancel anytime

Join the Genie community

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Together we can make the difference in the fight against scammers and spammers!

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