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Your Anti-Scam Genie

Genie is your AI personal assistant, instantly stopping the flood of scam and spam calls to make sure you only get the calls you want

Time for a little peace of mind

How Genie Protects You
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Genie is your AI personal assistant answering unknown callers on your behalf

Genie speaks to the callers, determines who’s calling and why, and decides if they should be blocked or allowed through to you

Genie takes care of scammers, imposters, and pesky marketers, freeing your phone and protecting your time and money


genie exposes scammers

Expose scammers

1 out of 2 Americans is targeted by scammers each year. Genie actually talks to unknown callers, understands their intent, and if it's bad, doesn't let them through.

genie blocks marketers

Block marketers

Aggressive telemarketing impacts Americans even more than scams! Genie verifies which marketers are legitimate, and lets you decide who to block.

Reclaim your phone

Harassing calls are aggravating and waste time. Genie makes them disappear, allowing you more time to focus on what really matters to you!

What People Say

What People Say


Betty, from TX

I went from getting 20 spam calls a day to none 

immediately after installing Genie


Leslie, from GA

You've got your own personal assistant screening your calls for you, that's great!


Louis, from FL

Without Genie I was constantly getting spam calls. With Genie, that all stopped. Only the calls I want come through!

Genie is the very best!


Ronna, from AL

I love Genie, best app I have ever used, and I have used others but NOTHING works like Genie.


Barbara, from OH 

It's been so peaceful not getting 100+ calls a day.

Who we are

Who we are


Gilad Parann-Nissany

Gilad is our CEO & product lead, building breakthrough technology-based products that make the world a better place.

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The Genie

Genie is our Wish Granting lead, bringing powerful artificial intelligence to guard your money and peace of mind.

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Jason Wolf

Jason is our COO & customer lead, delivering exceptional experiences for people and organizations around the globe.

Screen Shot 2021-09-09 at 17.28.46.png

What We Believe

We aim to improve people's lives by building great products, supported by breakthrough technologies. 

Seeing the pain caused by seemingly endless scams which have cost innocent people their hard-earned savings, we built a powerful solution we call “Genie”.

Genie is Artificial Intelligence with a single purpose to protect you and what you value from malicious communications.

Why get your own Genie now?

  • Get Genie protection to stop the flood of spam and scam calls

  • Gain access free for 3 months before the official launch

  • Join the Genie community in the fight against scammers and spammers

  • Refer your friends and family to protect your loved ones

Genie protects you
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