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We love the message you promote

online - helping women stay strong and fit as they navigate aging!


We would love the opportunity do something together to make sure these women are also protected as they navigate aging.

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Genie stops the flood of scam & spam calls.

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Genie a mobile app making sure people are safe and protected from dangerous scammers and harassing spammers.


We are working hard everyday to make the world a safer place and we think you could help!

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What People Say

We have helped so many people reclaim their phone and get 100% of the calls they want!

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Betty, from TX

I went from getting 20 spam calls a day to none 

immediately after installing Genie


Leslie, from GA

You've got your own personal assistant screening your calls for you, that's great!


Louis, from FL

Without Genie I was constantly getting spam calls. With Genie, that all stopped. Only the calls I want come through!

Genie is the very best!


Ronna, from AL

I love Genie, best app I have ever used, and I have used others but NOTHING works like Genie.


Barbara, from OH 

It's been so peaceful not getting 100+ calls a day.

Let's Work Together

We love the content you create online and think your audience would benefit form hearing about Genie.

If you're interested in working together, let's set up a quick meeting to discuss the details.


Here is a link to our Calendly, feel free to chose a time that works for you.

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Try Genie for Yourself

In the meantime, you can experience the peace of mind Genie brings!


Here is a link to get Genie for yourself for free.

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