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You have not completed the Genie disconnection process

You've deleted Genie app,
but you still need to
disconnect from Genie

Genie works with a call forwarding technology. When you deleted the app you did not disconnect from our service, meaning Genie is still answering some of your calls without the ability to forward them to you if needed.

In order to stop the service on your carrier, you need to dial the three separate numbers listed below.
(Failure to complete the process will result in incomplete disconnection.)

Number 1:


Number 2:


Number 3:


Please note that once dialed you will be successfully disconnected, even if you do not receive a confirmation message.


Alternatively, you can also call your mobile carrier and ask them to cancel call forwarding on your account. 


Always here to help, The Genie Support Team 415-539-0300.

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