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The App That Keeps You Safe From Scammers: The Genie App

Have you ever worried that an email or text you got was a scam? Or do you get tired of bothersome calls that you don't want to answer? The Genie app is here to help! It's like having a helper right in your phone that watches out for you. Let's look at what it can do:

1. Is That Email or Text a Scam? Just Ask Genie!

Ever get a message and wonder if it's trying to trick you? Genie can help you figure that out, and you don't have to pay anything for it!

For Texts:

If you get a strange text, all you have to do is forward it to this number: +12515720340. Genie will look it over and let you know if it's safe or not.

For Emails:

If you're not sure about an email, send it to this address: Genie will check it for you and tell you if you should be worried.

And guess what? This is all free!

2. Don't Want Annoying Calls? Genie Can Handle That!

Getting calls from people you don't know can be irritating, or even scary. Genie can check who's calling you before you pick up. If it's someone you don't want to talk to, Genie will take care of it!

3. Make Your Voicemail Work Your Way

Voicemail can be confusing. But Genie makes it easy. You can record your own greeting, so people hear your voice when they leave a message. And instead of listening to their message, Genie writes it down for you to read whenever you want!

Why You'll Love Genie

Genie is like a helper that lives in your phone. It keeps an eye out for scams, blocks calls you don't want, and even takes care of your voicemail.

So why not try Genie today? Click the button below to learn more about Genie and how you can get started!


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