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How to Stop Unwanted Calls

Phone spam and scams have become so common that Americans are collectively fending off over 3 billion of these calls per month and 59.49 million US residents lost money from a phone scam in 2021 (an increase of 20% from 2020).

Statistics are showing that there is no clear end in sight for the world’s growing phone spam and scam problem.

As they quickly adapt to more discreet and harder-to-stop methods, telecommunications companies and governments have struggled to put a stop to the issue.

This is why we created Genie, the world’s first AI anti-scam assistant that screens incoming calls to tell you who is calling and why.


Genie can quickly identify complex patterns in scam calls to determine the true intent of any given call better than any existing solution.


Genie is your artificial intelligence assistant who evaluates all incoming calls, politely chats with the caller, and lets you know who's calling and why. Genie gives you the power to reclaim your phone by filtering out all scammers and harassing spammers.

1. Incoming calls from known contacts?

Genie doesn’t intervene, letting them straight through.

2. Incoming calls from known scammers or spammers?

Genie blocks them automatically, so you don't get bothered.

3. Incoming calls from anyone else? (e.g. local delivery person or doctor)

Genie screens them, notifies you who’s calling and why, and allows you to decide who gets through.

Try Genie for yourself

If you're interested in becoming a Genie Early Access user, click here to apply:

Please share this information to keep others protected from these scams!

Stay safe

Genie Team


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